The group is run and managed by an experienced team of professionals under the able guidance of
Dr.Bharat Kotecha

a renowned business strategist and investor.
  About Us
IVCL (Indian Venture Capital Ltd.) is promoted by Dr. Bharat Kotecha a renowned business strategist and investor.
IVCL, headquartered in Mumbai, India, is a private equity investor and provides one stop service to unlisted/ private ltd., companies and firms seeking funds for financing their growth and expansion plans and helps in unlocking their values.
IVCL also provides complete solution to investors/ angel investors/ private equity funds/ venture capital funds for their investing/ merging/ acquisition activities.
IVCL also provides investment opportunities, after taking a stake in the emerging companies, to private equity funds/ venture capital funds for their investing/ merging/ acquisition activities.
IVCL has invested, generated business ideas, generated business and values for Mining, Telecom, Power, Information Technology (IT), Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), Food Processing, Health Care, Automobile, Auto-ancillaries Industries, Real Estate and Infrastructure etc.
IVCL has specialized itself in finding the core strength of the companies, identifying the weaknesses, suggesting and ensuring improvements in business strategies, product mix, diversification etc.
IVCL has a think tank assisting the companies in generating business ideas / opportunities and its commercial exploitation.
IVCL has created a dedicated team engaged in development of business ideas, mobilization of resources and generation of substantial business improvement in top / bottom line and creation of value for the companies.
IVCL offers Venture Capital preparation and consultation services to entrepreneurs in a wide range of spectrum. We understand that our clients are able to develop solid ideas; however, not knowing how to package and market those ideas to the venture capital community can slow growth and execution of strategic initiatives. IVCL assists the companies in packaging their business ideas and/ or industry innovation into a coherent, strategic, focused, and professional presentation to the venture capital, angel investor, private equity and small/ medium business financing community.
The group is run and managed by an experienced team of professionals under the able and professional guidance of Dr. Bharat Kotecha.
The top management posses in depth knowledge of capital market and have long outstanding association with stalwarts of the market. We have very strong financial base and expertise in the industry.
With the many VC/ PE funds in existence, one may ask, "What sets IVCL apart from the rest?" The answer is simple. IVCL is solidly focused on emerging business ideas, innovations and angel investment. We have an extensive background in Business Ideas, Generation of Business, Product Innovation, Product Development Lifecycles, Intellectual Property, other key areas specific to big deals improvement in top / Bottom line and creation of value. Industry experience combined with our knowledge of capital markets gives us a competitive advantage that we pass on to our clients, who are seeking venture capital, angel investor, and small/ medium business financing and investment opportunities.
Venture Capital Consulting has a thoughtful, critical, and reflective approach that compliments the business ideas and product developments of the clients we serve.

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